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Thursday, December 29, 2011

This is a Test

This is a test...
I am using Windows Live Writer to post this blog.  This is my first experience with this method of blogging.  Has anyone else out there utilized this method for writing their blogs?
Hyperlinking is pretty cut and dry.. so that went without a hitch.  :-)     The ability to play with various options that Blogger does not have for adding pictures and messing with boarders, effects, and color is way cool!  A plus for me; I like to play with that stuff!
You can add a photo album.. going to try that now.  Intentions is to add a album of some of the Article Write Up’s teams Christmas Trees! 
That was super easy!!!! 
Now I want to share with you a cute poem one of the Dream Team writers’ wrote ~ Teresa (Stacey) Stanisha.  You can find books she has written on Amazon.com.
My Version Of "The Night Before Christmas"
Twas The Night Before Christmas!
All The Presents Are Wrapped!
Those That Are Tired
Sure Are Taking A Nap!
Twas The Night Before Christmas!
But, I'm Thinking Spring!
And Getting Psyched
For A Redecorating Thing!
Hence, The New Book,
"Decorating For Yourself"
Will Be Released Late Jan/Early Feb 2012
By My Little Elf!
Find All Of My Titles
Eleven, Total, Once This One’s Out!
In March 2012, A Book About “Beaches”
If I Don’t Move South!
Check Me Out On Amazon.com
Under The Name Stanisha!
Then "Up, Up And Away"
And A “Ho, Ho, Ho And Merry Christmas” To All Of Ya!
Terésa (Tracey) Stanisha
Formatting is a breeze… we will see how it looks once I post this!  On my end right now it looks fine! 

You can do Bullets; Quote Boxing; Insert tables; Maps; and Videos. 
You can even add tags from here… 
There are my tags!  You can even go back and easily add more if you forgot something! 
Okay…  I am posting this now.  Let me know if you use Windows Live Writer and your thoughts on it.  :-) 
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