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Friday, May 25, 2012

How To Get Googled

When done effectively, SEO writing is an easy way for businesses to drive traffic to their website and increase sales.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and SEO writing is a way to grab the attention of search engine indexes to increase the natural page ranking in search results.

While the rest of the world is eating, sleeping, and working, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, have bots out crawling the web in search of information.  These bots can’t see a picture, watch a video, or listen to a podcast, but they can read.  As they read they index all the text they find, making note of phrases and keywords.  Websites rich in these common keywords will show up higher in the search results, as they are more relevant.  This increases the chances of that site being visited.  With an average of over 17 billion searches being done every month, effective SEO articles and quality SEO writing are becoming a hot commodity.

It is not as simple as cramming as many keywords as possible into an SEO article and putting it on the web.  While that may help with search results, the ultimate goal is to get the consumer to click on the link that leads to the website, and actually spend time there.  To accomplish this, an SEO article must also be rich in content—they must be written about something the consumer wants to read about, and done in a professional fashion.

A key to boosting your organic search results is to include the keywords customers will be searching for in the first few lines of the SEO article.  If, for example, a business provides cat-herding services, they would want to put the key words ‘cat’ and ‘herding’ at the beginning of their article, and provide useful information for the reader (and not just a sales-pitch for their services).  A sample lead-in might read like this: “Although it’s no field for the faint of heart, the world of cat-herding can be an incredibly rewarding calling for lovers of our feline friends.” 

Web-crawling bots, much like humans, get bored easily, so including the keywords early on assures grabbing their attention.  SEO writing must also be the right length: too short and the content will not have enough substance; too long and the reader will get bored and move on.

Author: ArticleWriteUp.com writer Fletcher H.
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