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Friday, August 24, 2012

What are you doing to stay relevant - Article Marketing


What are you doing to stay relevant on the Internet?  What are you doing to set yourself apart from the masses?  With 508,887,286 Internet users just in the Americas and 1,758,346,456 Internet users throughout the rest of the world – what are you doing to stay noticed – fresh- and new?  These numbers are HUGE!!! If you think of these numbers in reflection to your potential outreach in clientele, it can really make you feel small in the larger scheme of things and in business – even smaller!

Out of the 508,887,286 Internet users 78.6% of them are from North America.  The Asian population of internet users is astronomical!  I am not even going to touch on that but if you are an Internet based business and have the potential to service world wide – that potential market is HUGE!!!

I am bringing these numbers to the forefront for a very good reason!  Allow me to explain.  With probably the number one resource for networking being the Internet, it is the most underutilized tool or not utilized properly.  The social media platforms alone can make a business stand out if “worked”.  I put “worked” in for a reason – with that being – if you have a business you know what a huge commodity time is and that there is never enough of it! In order to fully utilize Social Media to its maximum potential you have got to put the work into it and that means being online 24/7 (to cover all time zones).  Not only would you have to be online 24/7 but you also have to reach out to people.  You HAVE TO INTERACT!!!  Not just accept a “like” on a status – but respond to people – go to others pages and comment-comment- COMMENT!  Make your presence NOTICED!!!  Unfortunately, that is very unrealistic for most businesses, especially the 24/7.  You would have to have a dedicated team willing to take turns and actually work the social media end of your business or outsource it which can become very costly.  

However, there are other ways you can stay relevant on the Internet and capture more traffic to your website.  One way is keeping your content fresh and new.  Keeping your webpage fresh with new content is one way as well as article marketing.  Both give search engines fresh stuff to crawl and help identify who you are and what you are about!  (This also helps in your page ranking when someone goes to search for your niche on the web.)  

Everyone who has a website knows what webpage content is about however not all really grasp the concept of article marketing.  Article marketing has an enormous potential in helping you gain major traffic to your website! 

WHY you ask?  For several reasons – the first one being the most obvious – it gives search engines fresh material to crawl to help index you on the web.  In addition to that it
  • Educates
  • Provides back links to your website
  • Strengthens your brand
  • Creates an expert status for you in your field
  • Reaches other consumers that you are not connecting to via the numerous Social Media outlets. 

Allow me to make myself clear on this though.  Utilizing article marketing has to be a constant – it cannot be a fly by night style of marketing.  Having an article posted a few times a year is not going to help you much.  Yes, it will provide you a valuable backlink if posted on a higher ranked article marketing site such as Ezine, but it is not going to greatly increase your traffic, improve your branding, or help you gain an expert status in your potential consumer’s eyes.  You have got to be consistent as with anything you do in marketing. 

If you budget for at least 4 articles a month even to be submitted to an article marketing site, you will stay fresh and increase your traffic.  Ten is better; however 25 to 50 is a strong article marketing campaign.  Yet, in a startup phase that can be difficult to manage into one’s budget unless you are writing them yourself as well as submitting them – which anyone can do yet seldom take advantage of it.  This is where ArticleWriteUp.com comes into the picture.  With a staff of over 20 writers sitting on standby just for your business, we can write educational articles related to your niche to help reach those hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of consumers that don’t even know you exist!  With our strong SEO (search engine optimization) background, we write your articles so they do 10 things for you and your business:  
  1. They will keep you relevant!
  2. They will help create an expert status for you!
  3. They provide you with valuable backlinks.
  4. They help search engines define who you are.
  5. They will help raise your page rank!
  6. They will help in reaching the consumers that are looking for you but cannot find you!
  7. They will educate the reader more about your business/product/service.
  8. They can help create a buzz on the net!
  9. They give you content to use on your social media sites.
  10. They give your business/service more credibility.   

If you are looking to increase your exposure and are serious about your marketing, article marketing is an awesome tool.   If you do not have the time or desire to write and/or submit your own articles – ArticleWriteUp.com will be happy to assist you in that.  Stay tuned for our next article on how you can start your own article marketing campaign for your business.  We will explain article marketing in more detail from how to write the article to submitting your article.  We will also provide you with some great article marketing resources for submitting your article to as well as some tips on that procedure.

Statistics provided to you from InternetWorldStats.com

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