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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shine in your life mirror...

(Image - Flect: Magic Mirror / Will Gurley)
What you give off when interacting with others is what you get back. How you present is how people see you. If you had a mirror on you when you are around other people, would you want to talk to you? Would you want to friend you? Don’t ever let one individual in a group have enough power over you where it creates an atmosphere where you are not shinning to your fullest. When in a group situation when there may be discord with an individual among the group, imagine a mirror is on you. Make sure you would like how your behavior is reflecting. Remember, when you close yourself off, act unpleasant, anti-social, or sit with a sour face, it is being seen by all those around you and people will create an impressions of you off that. Will that impression be one of who you really are? Or will it be distorted because you allowed another to have power over you? ~ Deana
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