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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

To Pee and Drink It or To Pee and Flush? That is the Question...

Last night (10/15/2013) on Bravo's Watch What Happens LiveDr. SanjayGupta (Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic; CNN Chief Medical Correspondent) said that drinking urine was a healthy weight loss fad.   WHAT????  I can see it now, having a nice dinner and instead of a nice glass of wine (or can of Dew for me) you are sipping on a glass of fresh urine.  So appetizing right?  NOT!  I can quickly deduct in my mind how this weight loss method would work for me – everything in me would be in the toilet!   Okay, but I am not going to say it doesn't work – from what I have been reading it supposedly does – but don’t expect me to try it out and let you all know...  I’m not the one.  J   

Now mind you, urine therapy has been used for thousands of years by Eastern cultures and is also practiced by some Native American tribes but I'm thinking maybe Americans aren't near as hip as other cultures?  From everything I have read so far, urine therapy is claimed to be effective in weight loss, blood purification, balancing hormones, boost immune system, cure jaundice, polio, diabetes, asthma and other ailments.  It has been said it is just as effective on skin issues used topically as a skin moisturizer, eczema, and for cleansing cuts and abrasions.
But wait! Just thinking here - I’m not sure how we were taught that drinking pee was bad – I don’t ever recall my mom saying “Don’t drink your pee!”.  So where did we get that mentality to start with anyhow?  Just by watching no one else drink it?  Did we ever question it or ask as children?  I know I never asked; actually I never even gave it a taught until now anyhow. 

All I know is, that in my mind, although I was never told it, urine was something that is nasty and I guess in a way I have always thought of it as waste, taking toxins out of my body.  But come to find out urine isn't as toxin ridden as I thought.  I found out through my pee research that urine in fact consists of all the nutrients and organisms that our body rejected because our body had what it needed at that time and that it is 90% water and only 2% toxins.  And when we drink our urine it doesn't go into our blood but is stated to stimulate our intestines making it work more effectively equaling less fat.          

Here are some rules I came across if you are brave enough to try out this less than conventional but cheap as hell diet: 
  • Should be drank within the first 15 minutes after peeing.
  • Taste either bitter or sweet depending on what you ate.  The better diet you have as far as food, the better your urine will taste and smell. 
  • If it doesn't smell good, plug your nose.
  • To get started you should first just pee on your fingers and smell it, then taste your fingers to get past the fear part.
  • The best urine to drink is the first pee of the day – but collect it mid-stream.
  • Works best if you drink 4 to 8 ounces a day.  Yummy! 

Just had to post this video cuz it made me laugh out loud!  
Okay, I know you can’t wait to try this out so I will let you go and pee so you can get started!  LOL!
If you have actually done this diet or are doing it, please share how it worked for you!  Not that it would change my mind, but I would be interested in knowing!  

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