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Friday, February 28, 2014

Not Enough Twitter Followers? Here’s How You Can Boost Your Fan Base

One of the most successful groups on Twitter tends to be bloggers.  This is because they have learned what their followers find to be interesting and informative and continue to produce that type of content on a regular basis.  They understand how important it is for them to interact with their followers and use their content to drive traffic to their website.  While the majority of bloggers have created a successful following, there are those who may be just getting started with the platform and have not racked up thousands of followers.  If you are in this group or simply want to increase your existing fan base, we have some techniques that can help you reach your goal.

  • Define Your Audience – While many newbies to Twitter simply begin following a ton of people hoping to get followed back, there is a better way to gain followers.  If you can clearly define your niche audience, you will be able to ensure that your content reaches those who will actually find it interesting and it is more likely to get shared.  The more your niche audience enjoys your content, the more likely they are to share it and recommend you to others.  This is the most beneficial way to build your followers.
  • Offer Your Help – By teaming up with others in your particular area and guest posting on their feed, you have the opportunity to increase your followers.  It is also a great way to come up with fresh material that you can then use on your Twitter feed.  By guest posting you will have the opportunity to share your content with those who may not be aware that your business even exists.  This is a great way to gain valuable exposure for both your business and your content.
  • Understand The Value Of Conversations – Many Twitter users believe that simply posting tweets about their latest product or release is enough to gain them followers.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  If you take the time to actually engage and interact with your followers and those who comment on your posts, you are likely to be seen as a real person who actually has an interest in what their followers say and how they feel about their products and services.  Never become too big or busy to interact with those who helped reach the top. 
  • Be Yourself – This may sound redundant, but this small act is what separates the successful Twitter users from those who have a scant amount of followers.  Twitter users who express themselves and their opinions in their own voice are typically the most enjoyable for other users to follow.  So, don’t just mimic what everyone else does on the site, rather embrace your own personality and way or saying things to entice interaction and convince users that you’re worth following.  You may be surprised at how successful you may become if you simply be yourself.
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