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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How You Can Create Content That Search Engines and Readers Will Love

One thing that has become increasingly clear as Google continues to release updates is that quality content is extremely necessary.  This doesn't just mean that including content that has been optimized is a guarantee to get you ranked anymore.  In today's world, you need to include content that is effectively optimized and well-written.  To help you understand if your content is meeting these requirements, I have put together some tips that will help you create the best content possible.

  • Keywords – The majority of online business owners understand that keywords are important.  But it is common that they are not using an appropriate amount of keywords to ensure that their content is recognized.  In some cases the keywords that you have chosen to create content around may be too general.  To ensure that the keywords you choose are effective, you should narrow them down into specific groups that are designed to target your target audience.  This will also help search engines discover your content as well.
  • Content – Once you have focused your list of keywords on relevant terms that your customers can relate to, the next step is to create content that will entertain and inform your readers.  The best way to grab the attention of a reader is to create a headline that will appeal to them.  The content that you create around your keywords should be informative and contain information that will entertain or educate your readers on your products or services.  This type of content will be recognized by search engines as being original and of high quality.
  • Optimization – Once you have created original, high-quality content you should carefully go through it and optimize it.  To do this, you should include keywords and phrases that will help your content get recognized by search engines and customers.  When you optimize your content, you should think as your customer would and use the keywords that they would likely choose when searching for your product or service.  This will help ensure that you have chosen keywords that will help optimize your content in the best way possible.
  • Promotion – Now that you have written your content and optimized it, you should now get busy and promote it.  Simply writing it and posting it on your site isn't enough to guarantee that it will get noticed.  To ensure that your content receives the attention it deserves, you should promote it on all of your social media pages, blog comments, and forums.  This will help bring your content to the attention of potential readers and drive traffic to your site.
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