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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ghostwriting – What it really is!

Ghostwriter (ghost·writ·er): noun- A person whose job it is to write material for someone else who is the named author.

Almost daily I am astonished to see people who claim to be ghostwriters blatantly speaking of the “books” they ghost-wrote.  Now correct me if I'm wrong, because this is only my personal belief and views – but when you ghostwrite a book for someone you hold no credit to that book.  Simply – you are paid to write a book and give up all credits to it.  In addition, I feel it is morally wrong to use those works as a way of advertising your ghostwriting abilities without FULL CONSENT and acknowledgement of the intended author. 

When we are asked to ghostwrite a book we do so knowing that at no time we are to use that product as a way to gain exposure.  We are a ghost – not seen or even known of – never to be exposed.  When you write in a ghost position, the person you are writing for gets full credit for that work.  You get paid.  End of story. 

I feel it is unethical of a ghostwriter to act in any other fashion – stay in the shadow and merely be happy that you were able to create a piece that received praise.  If you want credit for your works then stop ghostwriting and put your name on your own works.

When we write web copy, articles, and blogs and yes, even books we do so knowing that we may never ever get any credit for the work and we are good with that.  It is what we do and get paid to do.  How would it look if we went around telling folks all the websites we have created, blogs we ghostwrite for, etc.  The intended author byline loses credibility.  We would never want that!    If the intended author wants to share the byline then fine – but if you are ghostwriting act like a good ghost and just disappear – NOT a bad ghost haunting the intended author!   

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