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Friday, March 11, 2011

Facebook Fan Pages, Numbers, and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction belief is simple – ‘similar attracts similar’ and ‘thoughts control outcome’. This is true in all aspects of life, from personal to business. 
For example… if one continues to think their life is heading nowhere, the likelihood of that being a reality is quite high!  Everyone has known a person who dwells in sorrow and never really accomplishes anything. Everyone knows a person that has a positive go get'em personality where nothing out of reach.  Those are the people who attain great things in their lives.  It is easy to see how the Law of Attraction applies to all aspects of life – but can one really merely think good things to happen and 'waa la!' they happen?  Unless they have a genie in their pocket, no way!
Everything in life takes time, and this also applies to the law of attraction belief.  The positive thought helps to put the plan into action, but there is still work involved no matter what the thought.  A person can’t just think themselves into a doctors coat with a PHD behind their name.  That is no more true then me sitting here thinking everyone into “Liking” our Fanpage or hiring our services.  We all wish it could be that easy; myself included!  We all have to actively take the necessary steps to achieve that goal.
So how do we go about building our business on the internet by applying the Law of Attraction?  Of course, a positive attitude is essential.  We all have those days were we constantly double guess ourselves, check our “stats” and wonder why our numbers are not going up fast enough – what more do we have to do- and if we are even cut out to be a business person. If we stay in that line of thought, then yes, we need to close up shop before we bury ourselves!  And since you are reading this, that tells me right off that you are not a quitter, and that is the power of positive thought. Positive thought, no matter if you are having a double guessing day, draws you to seek more knowledge to find out different ways to improve on what you already have. 
How can you use the Law of Attraction to help build a larger customer base?  Let’s face it… no matter what, it is going to take time.  Success isn’t built overnight no matter how much we “think” it to be.  Let’s look at Facebook Fanpages for an example.  You can sleep, eat, and drink thoughts of everyone liking your fanpage, but it’s not going to happen!  You can hire people that promise to “gain you Likes” but seriously, the percentage of those that do “like” your page are doing so because they are spambot pages (fake profiles built up by such agencies promising the “Likes”;) and no sells are ever gained by them.  Sure, you might get the numbers and appear to be a happening fanpage, but they are not “real” people working those profiles.  So basically, you are throwing good money away.  That is where the similar attracts similar and personality will gain you far more then any amount of money you put into your fanpage.  You can have a fancy landing page, but that doesn’t mean you will get the traffic you are seeking if people do not know you exists. In order to gain more “Likes” on your fanpage you cannot be afraid to network.  You cannot be afraid to reach out.  You actually have to work your page, post the status updates that draw conversation and respond to comments.  That is just one of the things you can do to start drawing the likes from the traffic that has the interest in your niche!  If you don’t have the time to do that yourself, then hire someone to manage your fanpage.  Make sure it is someone you can trust to respond professionally, create the status updates that get attention, and keep your page active and alive!  That is just one of the many services we at Article Write Up offers.  We understand not everyone has time to sit on Facebook all day while still tending to other business matters.  Remember, a positive attitude will go a long ways, but with all things great, there is time, work, and commitment involved! 
What methods have you used to try to draw more “Likes” to your Fanpage and what were the outcomes? Have you tried contests?  What kinds?  And please, leave us your fanpage link so we can check you out!

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