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Friday, April 22, 2011

Facebook Overload

Many Social Media Management companies offer 8 and sometimes even more Facebook updates in their social media packages; we do as well.  Nevertheless, although we will give a client what they want to a degree, unless we feel it would not be in their best interest, we really do not recommend that many updates on your Facebook fanpage. 
You will see many Facebook fanpages out there being updated by Twitter as well as the administrators 8 or more times a day.  What happens to those updates?  Do you really think they are being read or well received?  If you think they are, you are sadly mistaken.

FanPages that have massive updates daily end up being put on “hide”status of those who have “Liked” the page. Most people initial reason for getting on Facebook is for the social aspect and not shopping around for services or products; that is secondary.  To be effective in utilizing your fanpage follow these few easy courtesies:
  • Make your updates fun. They do not always need to be business related.
  • Offer something such as an insight to your product or service in a form of a tip or fact.
  • Keep your updates to a minimum of 3 a day to keep from being hid by those who have liked your page.
  • Don’t get stale.  If you find yourself posting the same thing repeatedly, you are better off not to post anything.  That is the quickest way to be hidden by a viewer!
  • By all means share your specials that you are currently running, but once to twice a day is efficient.  Make sure to post at times of day that is typically a high traffic time for those who would be interested in what you have to offer.  If you are not sure, post mid morning (9am to 11am) and mid afternoon, early evening (4:30pm to 7pm).  If your market is "moms" consider bedtime of children when mom actually has an opportunity to get on line and look around.. ;-)    
A great rule of thumb is, if on your fanpage wall you see the same update more then once, it has been posted too frequently.  Keep your wall fresh.  Think of it as changing your clothes.  You wouldn’t put on the same clothes you wore the day before unless they went through the wash cycle right. So don’t post the same update unless it has been buried on your wall. 

Remember, your fans can and will complain if they feel you are spamming them!  Too many repetitive status updates can correlate as spam in many viewers eyes.   
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