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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Avoid your Email Marketing from going to Spam Folders

Are you losing valuable business and time through your email marketing efforts ending up in peoples spam folders only to be deleted?  If you have a real service or product you want noticed, stop throwing your money away on emails that go unnoticed or worse, get you flagged as a spammer. 
Today’s time demand wise use of our marketing dollars.  Wasting even $10.00 of that can hurt ones bottom line.  So why waste it on emails that go to potential customers spam folders? 
A wiser investment of your marketing dollars is to utilize article marketing.  With informative articles about your product(s) or service(s) will get you far more bang for your buck. 
You can go about this a couple ways: 
1.  Write your own articles rich in keywords that the common customer would use in a search engine to find your product or service.  Articles that get the most hits are those that give the reader deeper knowledge on the topic and how to’s.  After writing articles, submit them to article distribution/publishing sites.  Several article submission sites allow you to submit your articles free and leave links back to your website in your author resource box.  Some even allow for links within your articles.  You could also use your articles in your blogs.  Doing both increases your chances of being noticed on search engines.  Variety and amount will get you the best results.  How much will this cost you out of your marketing budget?  Not a dime, just your time.  So what do you do if your writing skills are not up to par or you just do not have the time to give to your own marketing?  Well, in either case, you are not the first.  Many people who run a business are already swamped with other aspects of managing a business, that finding time to market is next to impossible.  That leads me to option two – outsourcing your article marketing needs. 
2.  Your second option is to outsource your article marketing needs.  Of course, we would love it if you outsourced your needs to us, however, we are not oblivious of the many other article writing services out there.  Nevertheless, we can offer you high quality original articles targeted to your product(s)/service niche that will be noticed.  We can promise you top notch customer service.  Your questions will be answered in a very timely fashion.  In addition, we are happy to help our customers brainstorm ideas that will help benefit their business regardless if we get anything out of it or not.  We always aim to have 100% customer satisfaction!  We are staffed with 100% U.S. writers that have extensive backgrounds in SEO writing and marketing.  There are not too many topics we can’t write about but if we come across one that may cause us difficulties, we will say so upfront rather then pretend we can offer you exceptional quality articles and refer you to someone who may. 
Articles will give you the opportunity to tell the whole story about your product(s) or service(s).  It will give you the opportunity to highlight what makes it unique.  It is a great opportunity to address the benefits your product/service has to offer.  It gives you a chance to explain how your product works or how your services can enhance one’s life or business.  There are so many stories to be told about your products/services that are being lost in spam folders or not fully told. 
Emails only work if they are being read.  Even if your email doesn’t end up in a reader’s spam folder, if it is not being opened by someone interested in your product or timed right for the individuals needs, it will be deleted nonetheless, just as if it were spam.  So get your word/product/service out there for those who are interested through article marketing.  Give people a chance to find you and become your next customer.  
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