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Monday, July 11, 2011

Facebook Fanpage Etiquette

Facebook Fanpage is a great way to network and ultimately attract potential clients but it can also be a place where you drive those same potentials away.  When creating a fanpage the creators first thought is “How can I get as many fans as possible?”  Everyone wants to have a lot of people who“Like” what they are offering however there is no real overnight growth like that holds truly potential clients or customers.  There are FanPages that you see their fanbase grow overnight by hundreds.  That is great if they are creating solid connections and not a bunch of spam pages or dead pages used by others that promise "x" amount of fans overnight for just "$" dollar amount.  Reality is, a solid foundation of networking fans that actually result in any kind of conversion does not happen overnight.
Building a solid fan base takes time but there are some aspects of promotional fanpages that are beneficial if used wisely.  Fanpages that allow you to promote your fanpage are great in starting a base fanbase so your page does look more appealing to others who come across it.  Utilize those pages by “liking" their page and dropping a comment with a link back to your fanpage.  You will receive some followers by doing so; however, do not become a nuisance on these pages.  What I mean by that is don’t get crazy posting a link to your fanpage daily on their pages.  This makes you look bad and are likely to be blocked.  Here are a few FanPages that I have come across where we were well received and we did pick up some likes: 
The Craft Show

These are just some I have came across without really doing any sort of search which tells me if I put even a little effort into it I could find tons more.  But again, be courteous, don’t spam their pages, and also make sure to share their generosity by giving them a shout out on your own page. 
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