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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Numbers Game! ~ Facebook Fanpages

A decision was made that we will no longer be partaking in ladders. They are addictive for one thing & it ends up being a numbers game. We will do strolls where we can actually make a connection & actually see what others have to offer. There are too many wonderful pages w/great products out there that are being totally overlooked because of ladders. This is just my feelings from a marketing stance.

Over the past three weeks I did partake in ladders.  I liked thousands of pages. (Seriously! 4229 pages in total! You will see the list of them at the bottom of this blog.)  I would like to know one person who can actually keep track of that many pages and stay actively involved with them because that is what it would take to convert any of them into customers and then that isn't even guaranteed! 

Connections are not made by merely clicking "like" but by conversing. With FB new filtering method, what most don't realize is that even if they have 50,000 followers, their status updates do not mean anything unless they are actively communicating with others and others are actively commenting on their post.  They will not even make it into the news-feed of their followers due to lack of active communication.

e.g.. If you post a status update and no one comments, the probability of it being published in your fans news feed will be minimal.  If this is a pattern on your page (lack of outside activity), eventually you will never show up in the news-feed, and if you do, it will only be in those people's news-feed that you talk to on a regular basis.

True marketing come from communication first of all, whether that be reaching out with information about your product, educating, or developing an emotional base. Social Media platforms are great for all those components, but not without effort from your part.  For instance, in the past three weeks while doing ladders I have liked thousands of pages as I mentioned earlier, however there is maybe a couple handful of pages that I can even recall vaguely with no offense to any of those pages by any means, but the ladders did not allow me to connect in any fashion other then a mere click of my mouse. I can't believe I am the only one who has done a ladder that cannot recall a name to a page either let alone put an owner to the fanpage. People give away likes in a fury to make it through everyone’s page before the ladder gets deleted and after it is all said and done, yes, you may have higher numbers, but no real connections have been established. First impressions are always the most important and frankly, I can't believe that my name on a ladder gave that great of a first impression.  It almost appears as an act out of desperation to be liked; that the numbers mean popularity.  But do they really?  After three weeks of actively pursuing “ladders” on Facebook, having two to even three Facebook pages open at a time, I have since seen the light and am working to actually really be able to put a persons name to their page/product/niche on Facebook rather then it just be another post in a newsfeed.. :-)

The numbers game will always be out there.  People equate the number of fans to their popularity.  It is as if the numbers make them better then the next.  I want to believe that the majority of people know that numbers are just that… numbers.  It is the person behind the pages that matter - the customer service, etc. - all speaks louder then numbers.

I want people to like our page because they really do LIKE it, not because they feel obligated to because of some ladder they are on.  I want to be able to put a name to a page and get to know the person behind the products.  After all, it is the person behind it all that makes it or breaks it! ;-)  Granted, in large scales, my memory is not always the best and I may not always be able to recall immediately site unseen, but if visiting the page, it will all come back to me once “real” connections have been established. 

Networking is about getting your name out there, only problem is that with ladders, that is all you are doing, and at tops, for a two second glance by a person feeling obligated to "LIKE" your page rather than really wanting to make a connection. 

There are other ways to gain real fans and it starts with communication – making real connections.  Going on strolls from others pages is one way.  Stroll to the pages that really are of interest to you, leave a comment, and let them know how you ended up on their page.  And yes, visit you’re your personal profile and tag your fanpage in your comment.  Most will return the like out of pure appreciation for your visit.  Personally, if they pop over and like my page, great… but if not, then at least what is in my feed are things that truly interest me.

Some people’s debate is that when you have your Facebook profile linked to your website, that the number of fans looks better.  When you have FB linked to your website and say have 200 or under followers, a couple things probably come to the visitors mind:
1: Site must not be that great because there are only 200 odd fans.
2: This site must be new.

Either way, it could be looked at as a negative so yes, having higher numbers may get you another click through ~ However, there are things you can do on your website that can override the numbers game such as enticing content, competitive prices, clean layout, etc.

The numbers game will be around forever, just sad that people put more importance on the numbers rather then the actual products being offered.  I would rather buy from someone who has 200 and under followers that I have a connection with rather then someone who has thousands of followers that I have not connected with in any other means then a mutual like.

Here is a great article that hits on "LIKES" and other issues with Facebook that could harm your conversion rates:  http://www.webpronews.com/facebook-issues-business-2011-08

And now for the list of fanpages AWU has liked.  If you are on this list, did you return the LIKE to our fanpage?  I am guessing the answer to that is “no” otherwise our fanpage numbers would reflect our likes.  Right?  LOL!  However, that is not the case.  ;-)  In addition, more than likely, if you are on this list and haven’t “LIKED” our fanpage, you are not reading this anyhow because you do not follow us!  ;-)    

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