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Monday, September 19, 2011

Corky Kouture™ Glamour Galore Presentation Bottled Gift Bag Review

Christmas shopping season is upon us and generally I am one of the last ones to have any of my shopping done this early on.  However, I do have 4 of my gifts covered for this Christmas.  Okay, so it is no major feat for most, but for me it is a huge feat, almost as big Neil Armstrong’s one small step for man kind!  Yes, that big!

By luck I stumbled upon a Facebook page Corky Kouture™Glamour Galore Collection and seen these unique wine bags.  At first glance I thought they were small, the pictures did not do them justice, but after looking at some other reviews and a YouTube video, I saw more about what they were really about.  They were awesome and the perfect item for gifting for this Christmas.  I had in mind 4 harder to buy for female family members in my life that always proved to be draining when it came time for buying them something.  They have it all pretty much and each of their taste varies, but this was one gift I knew would be a hit for all 4.  How much easier could it get I thought.  So I clicked on over to the Corky Kouture™ website and purchased 4 of the bags – one in each color (red, black, white, and pink).   

I ordered the four bags and received them at my home via FedX ground shipment.  The box the 4 bags came in was huge!  I felt like it was Christmas for me!  I was excited to see the bags first hand and was not disappointed.  They are gorgeous!  On the Corky Kouture™ website it list a few of the liquors the bags fit, stating it is not an exhausted list, just some that they know for a fact fit nicely in the bags.  Well, one of my siblings is a Real Housewives Ramona Singer lover and of course I had already known I was gifting her RamonaSinger Pinot Grigio; so with fingers crossed I proceeded to see if it in fact would fit.  It most definitely did… perfectly might I add. 

I have attached pictures of the bags and the process of how to use the bags.  Here is a break down of the pictures in order.

  1. Picture of the Corky Kouture™ Glamour Galore Collection Presentation Bag in the box.  (Red) 

2.  This is a picture of the presentation wine/liquor/bottled gift bag with the Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio in it, but outside of the presentation box.

3.  This is a picture of the gift bag on the table, no wine bottle in it just so you can see it is flexible.

4.  Picture of a close up of the attached gift pouch that you can put a gift card in, jewelry, a note, or what not.

5.  This is a picture of the Corky Kouture™ label although it is a little blurry.

6.  Of course a picture of the Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio.

7.  This is a picture I took after I put the Pinot Grigio into the wine bag.  (Top view)

8.  This is a picture of the gift bag with the wine in it from the side kind of.  You can see the draw string wide ribbon that you draw up and tie in a pretty bow.

9.  A picture of the draw ribbon tied in a bow.

10.  A picture of the process of the wine in bag back in the box, getting ready to secure the bottle with the bottle neck supporter.

11.  A closer look at the bottle neck supporter to give you an idea how versatile it is and just how many types of wine/liquors/bottle gifts you could use these bags for.

12.  A picture of the neck supporter in place.  There are slots on both sides of the presentation box where you slip the tabs of the neck supporter through to hold the wine bottle securely in place.

13.  A close up picture of the presentation box closed up.

14.  A picture of the bow replaced back to box.  The bow on top of the box is slipped between a bottom sleeves making it easy to replace neatly.

15.  A picture of the 4 bags I bought.  Oh, and the white Styrofoam mock wine bottle comes inside each of the bags.  I set it there so you can get a visual of the types of bottles this fits. They are gorgeous!

The bags are made from a variety of materials - satin, tulle, boa feather, crystal and ribbon. The bags also have a ribbon and small, crystallized zippered gift card holder.  You could easily personalize these bags if you chose to by embroidering the gift pouch, bag, or even the ribbon.  I am not that crafty so my family members will be getting them as is... which is perfectly gorgeous anyhow.  You could also personalize the presentation box if you wanted to.  The nice thing is you don’t have to do anything to it if you don’t want to, not even wrap it, and you have a fancy gift to give!

I have to give the Corky Kouture™ Glamour Galore Presentation Bottled Gift Bags two thumbs up rating.  I really can’t find a single thing wrong with them.  They could be used easily for any occasion and any age. Welch’s Sparking juice fits in the bags, so you could easily gift a young lady this with a nice gift card.  Imagine how fancy and special she would feel.
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