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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Carson Bryce Takes a Shower with Me!

Ladies especially, may I get your attention please?  Terrific!  You are reading this!  Men, if you want to please the woman in your life, please read on as well!  I want to introduce you to a new product I stumbled across that is awesome – Westhaven Botanical's Fresh Lemonade Sugar Scrub exclusive to CarsonBryce Trading Company.  You will fall in love!

Ladies, do you know the feeling of how life seems to just pile up on you and you can’t catch a break?  That seems to be my life on almost a daily basis, but as a strong independent woman; I just keep getting on.  I am sure all strong women do the same.  However, there are those days when you just want that little bit of extra “me” time.  A chance to pamper you, wash away the stress of the day, and just escape.  For me, the only time I have for such an experience is my shower time.  I don’t even have the luxury of enough time for a relaxing bath so I have to make the most out of my 10 minute shower time as possible – thus comes in special bathing/shower products that make me feel good – body and soul – and where my Carson Bryce Trading Company came into my life.

I chose the Fresh Lemonade Sugar Scrub for one reason – it is fall and I wanted something to keep summer alive for me a little longer.  And, for the most part, the sugar scrub has helped – minus the 40 degree weather.   

I ordered my Fresh Lemonade Sugar Scrub online from Carson’s and it arrived in a nice box.  As always, when I get something in the mail other than a bill and definitely in a package, I am like a kid on Christmas wanting to get it opened right away.  As soon as I opened it was like summer filling my soul!  And just like a kid getting a new toy, it was off to the shower to try it out!   

Included in the box with the sugar scrub is a wooden stick to extract the scrub from the container.  That may be suitable for a tubby but for a shower, I just used my fingers.  The jar container is a wide mouth as you can see in the picture so dipping in and scooping some out is not an issue.  There is a warning that the sugar scrub that it may leave your tub slippery, however, in the shower I have not had an issue with that. 

From the first scoop you will be surrounded with the sweet aroma of lemonade.  With many sugar scrubs I have used in the past, once you use the product and rinse off, the aroma rinses off as well.  With the Carson Bryce LemonadeSugar Scrub, that was not the deal.  Not only did my skin feel nourished and soft, it smelt like sweet lemonade.  Not an overpowering perfumery smell, just a sweet perfectly balanced sweet lemon scent.  It provide me with a gentle exfoliation, leaving my skin soft smooth.  For those of you with established tattoos, let me tell you from my own personal experience, the gentle exfoliation revitalizes them and leaves them radiant!

The Carson Bryce sugar scrub is perfect for the entire body.  For those of you with rough heels, knees or elbows, just focus a little more on those areas and see your issues disappear.  Your feet will be ready for your fab heels!

Carson Bryce apothecary Westhaven Botanicals features only handmade bath and beauty products.  They are made in extremely small batches to ensure you receive the freshest product available on the market.  They are organic in that they contain absolutely no Parabens, sulfates, alcohols, artificial colorants or fragrances. It is aromatherapy at its best at a price you can afford!  

About Carson Bryce
Carson Bryce is an online home decor boutique headquartered in Atlanta, GA.  Specializing in vintage industrial, antiques and other unique items, Carson’s has the items that will set your home apart from the majority and create an environment that resembles your personality. 

The Carson Bryce Trading Company Apothecary, Westhaven Botanicals, features only handmade bath and beauty products. Other Westhaven Botanicals products offered at Carson Bryce are herbal healing salve, handmade soaps, lip balms, bath salts, scented shea butter creams, and of course the awesome sugar scrubs!  Make sure to check them out at the Carson Bryce Shop or on Facebook at Carson Bryce Trading Company.  Tell them Deana from Article Write Up sent you!

Check out Carson Bryce in the September issue of The Power Player Magazine too! 
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