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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Get Personal Writing Tip

Did you know that no matter what you have to write about you can always create a great start by digging within yourself and getting a little personal?  It’s true!  No matter how dull a topic may be, if you incorporate something on a personal note, not only do you bring some life to the dull material, but your creative juices will flow more.

Mind you, if you are writing an article for an article marketing site, make sure to format is in the correct tense.  “I” and “me” generally do not go over well, however with your writing experience, you should be able to easily adapt to submission guidelines.

For example, if you are writing an article about homeowner’s tax, think of your experience with that topic.  If you have none, then call someone who does and just ask them what they first think of when they think of homeowner’s tax. If it is a negative thought, and you are writing for a company aiming to give readers relief, then use their frustration as a building block as to why XYZ company can help eliminate that frustration.

There is not a topic that this method does not work with in giving a writers block a kick in the butt.  There was a time I wrote hundreds of articles about boat motor parts.  Luckily my father was an avid fisher and boat lover, as well as a commercial fisherman.  Although he was not around since he had long ago passed, I was able to easily recall memories of such things which helped me with many introductions on the various parts I wrote about.  In addition, there were numerous manuals spread across my office floor I used for insight and to make sure what I was talking about was 100% spot on.

What was the dullest topic you have ever had to write about?  Try pulling from personal experience of your own or people you know next time you have a dull topic to write about.  Let me know how it worked for you.  I will be anxious to hear.
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