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Friday, May 11, 2012

What Will Happen to Your Self Published Book?

So, your book is in the works. Congratulations! You have come a long way since you had that spark of an idea that set you on the course to authorship. You can now self publish the book, and you can do it easily and cheaply. Do you wonder what will happen to your book next?

I have heard a lot of disappointment from self published authors who do not get the immediate response they had hoped for. What many authors do not realize is that they have done nothing special to promote their new book. Getting it listed on Amazon or Barnes and Noble catalogs is not enough. To get the kind of exposure that will propel your new book into success, you need to make a conscious effort to present your book in the best possible light.

Press releases can help you do just that. You notice, I said press releases, as in more than one. In fact, it is a great idea to have regular press releases beginning as soon as you are finishing your book. A real book launch, with focused SEO marketing and reviews, will get your book sales off to a good start. From there, steady PR’s can build your readership even more.

Well-crafted book reviews help readers see the value of your book. Amazon or Barnes and Noble display book reviews right on the page where your book is sold. Potential readers will often scroll down to the reviews to find out what others think of the book.

The ideal way to get book reviews immediately is to ask people to read and review your book. It always helps to have book reviews that say something more than “I liked the book.” I know I prefer to read book reviews that give some of the details of the book without spoiling the ending. It is also great to see opinions about what is most appealing about the book.

SEO articles can help you build a system of links back to your book’s website, where interested readers can buy the book from you. Besides that, great articles can tell people information about the subjects you cover in your book. You get a reputation as an expert on the subject.

Before you know it, you are considered a credible source of information on the web. Once you do that, people will seek out your book on their own. It just makes sense to systematically promote your self published book. I would wish you good luck, but you will have more success if you do not trust it to mere luck. Now is the best time to promote that book!

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