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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Like Sands Through An Hourglass


There are few things in the world that thwart time management like the internet.  The vilest offenders floating around the world wide web today are the ever-increasing number of blogs available for perusal.

Blogging—essentially an online diary where writers post their musings—seems to have had its inception in the 1990s.  As the internet expanded, tools were created that allowed users to write and post blogs without having any knowledge of HTML or web design.  As blogging increased in popularity, writers began linking their blogs to similarly-themed blogs and other topics that were of interest to them.

And this is where the most noblest of time management ideals were lost amidst the labyrinth of ever-connected postings.  One blog leads to another, which is linked to another which has a reference to a news article that contains comments linked to another blog posting—before one even realizes it, hours have passed, the soufflĂ© has fallen, and nothing has been accomplished.

Fortunately, with a simple process, order can be restored and effective time management can once again reign supreme—both for those blogging, and those reading.

The first step is to determine how much time can be spent on blogs.  This needs to be a firm time, an exact time.  Once this is decided upon, two alarms must be set.  This can be an egg timer, a stopwatch, or an alarm on a cell phone.  The first alarm should be set for a few minutes before the end of the allotted time so thoughts can be finalized or the article can be finished.  At the second alarm browsers are closed and blogging time is finished.

As great as any process may be, however, it is only a process if it is done 100% of the time.  Thus, a foundational aspect of time management is consistency.  It is important to understand that consistency is not achieved in leaps and bounds, but in small, intentional steps.  For those who find it difficult to manage their time (whether it be in regards to the internet or anything else), taking the first small step towards a deliberate, repetitive behavior can help build consistency across all aspects of life.

Author:  ArticleWriteUp.com writer Fletcher H.
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