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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thank You, Mr. Gore for the Internet

Gore during his congressional years. As congressman, Gore
provided intellectual leadership by helping create the vision of
the potential benefits of high speed computing and communication.

Few things have revolutionized the world like the advent of the internet and the development of internet marketing techniques.  It has changed the way people shop, the way they communicate, and has a huge impact on the decision-making process of consumers.

Internet marketing is a big business—media agencies spent an estimated $72 billion on websites, advertising, and other online promotional efforts in 2011.  A growing segment within those efforts is SEO web content.  This is content specifically created to catch the attention of search engines like Google and Yahoo.  By creating content rich in keywords that are aligned with common search entries, businesses can drive additional traffic to their sites.  This content is authored by in-house internet marketing departments, or will sometimes be outsourced to boutique marketing companies which specialize in the creation and deployment of SEO web content.

Within that category, there are many different types of SEO web content.  Typical examples include the following: 
  • Product Tear Sheets:  By integrated both information about your product and key search terms, this can be doubly effective for driving web traffic.
  • Blogging: Often informative and sometimes even humorous, relevant blog posts generated with frequency and quality content can keep consumers returning to a site over and over again.  Through reposts and retweets, engaging blog posts can make the rounds on the internet, garnering even more search engine attention.
  • SEO Articles: Written in a more formal style than blog posts, these focus on informing audiences in the style of a press release or news piece.  If done professionally enough, they may even be picked up by legitimate news outlets, generating higher circulation and creating greater credibility.
  • How-To Guides: The expression “I’ll just Google it,” has solidified itself in the English lexicon and there are always people searching for educational pieces to help them.  A well-done YouTube video with the appropriate tags on a useful instructional piece can result in a plethora of viewing hits.
  • Ranking Lists: David Letterman’s Top Ten list has been a staple on his program for years not only because of the humor, but because people like to have information summarized into a neat and tidy ten-point arrangement.  A business-related list is a quick and easy read and if done with humor, can quickly become an e-mail forward favorite.

Through solid and diverse SEO web content development, businesses can reap great rewards from their internet marketing efforts.

Author:  ArticleWriteUp.com writer Fletcher H.
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