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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question

Although Shakespeare’s Hamlet wrestled with a more serious version of this paraphrased and purloined question, the potential blog writers of today need to decide whether or not they want their blogs to become an integral part of their communication repertoire.  Blogging has become an essential marketing and communication tool for a majority of businesses.

Beginning bloggers keep an online journal with an ongoing account of their personal lives.  Some of these blogs are filled with mundane, ordinary events, others with important record-keeping information, and still others rival the storylines of the most far-fetched soap operas.

The advanced beginner blog writers have the ability to post interactive entries which allow visitors to leave comments and ask questions.  These bloggers are taking the next step and are becoming social networkers.

The blogger at the intermediate level uses this writing medium for personal reasons while branching out and using it for business purposes.  This business networking can be in various forms, such as advertisements for a product or service, and can be performed by an individual, a company, or even by representatives of an entire country.  Blogging has gone from being a social activity to a necessity for any business that strives to become and remain competitive.

Bloggers need to capture the attention of their readers in a short amount of space and time.  They don’t have the luxury of attracting readers with large chunks of leisure time.  They need to follow rules of style, as with any other form of writing, and because their blogs can involve peoples’ reputations and livelihoods, blog writers must adhere to rules of etiquette as well.

The well-behaved blogger must not plagiarize or ever post someone else’s blog as if it were their own.  Name-calling should be consigned to the playground and even there it’s not acceptable, so refrain from doing so.  Don’t comment on someone else’s blog if the intention is to spam them and redirect their traffic towards you.  Remember, the words of blog writers are available to anyone to see.  If you wouldn’t be comfortable having your third grade teacher,  your elderly aunt, or a potential employer read what you’ve written, the answer should be, “Not to Blog”.

Author:  ArticleWriteUp.com writer Sue M.
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