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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SEO, Page Rank, Bacon and Location

Hickory smoked barbecue bacon by Dennis Brown

Bacon, you simply love it or you are just wrong!  Bacon is one of the most sought after treats yet hated because all of its deliciousness goes right to your hips, heart, and you know, other organs... blah blah blah.. so the doctors say.  Personally I find it to be the fountain of youth (note this woman who ate bacon daily and still kicking at at 105!) Anyhow, a little off track in the purpose of this blog - well yes and no.  See, I organically used the keyword bacon 4 times already in this first paragraph.

Keywords, regardless if it is bacon you are promoting, high heel, sewer systems, or by pass surgery - usage and frequency, and consistency are key!

I did a little playing on Google search engine to show everyone the way  keywords can affect your page rankings.  I used the primary keyword "bacon" of course because I heart it!

On a general search for the key word bacon (I searched under Web Google Search as well as Blog Google Search) note the difference between a web search and a blog search below. (You can click on any of the following the pictures to see them enlarged.)

Now notice who shows up under both search methods - Bacon Today. Do you know why? I will tell you - it is because they are SEO SMART!

Now, when you you add another word to your keyword, will the results change? Noticed below the web and blog search I did for "bacon Wisconsin".

And the winner this time is Nueskes!  Why?  Well of course the same reason as before - SMART SEO!  

Now when you add yet another word to your primary keyword notices the changes again.  This time I searched for "bacon Milwaukee Wisconsin".  

When you have a business that services a specific location you need to make sure that you are using the right keywords.  As you can see, under the "blog search"  DudeFoods.com  took first place and The Comet Cafe took first place in the web search.  It would be wise for businesses in the Milwaukee location that heart bacon like I do to connect with this foodie blogger DudeFoods.com and have this foodie review their restaurant/bar such as the Saloon Calhoun in Milwaukee as they are placed way back on page 3 on the web search.  :-(  In addition, it would be wise for Saloon Calhoun to have a real blog on their website.  It could be as simple as updating daily specials, menu changes, fun food facts, customer appreciation, entertainment info, etc.  There is a ton of stuff they could blog about that when a person searched for "bacon Milwaukee Wisconsin" they would pull up high under a blog search as well and would increased their standing under "Bacon Wisconsin" too!  Now, a really smart move for both Comet Cafe and Saloon Calhoun would be to connect with Bacon Today and advertise with them.  Bacon Today specifically offers site sponsorship's  branded articles, and traditional ad placement programs available. 

With any niche you have on the web, if you service a region, you are wise to make sure your SEO reflects that as well as checking out your page ranking competition is on both a web search and a blog search.  You will find many times that your page ranking competition is not necessarily a business competition, rather someone that could make a great alliance with you and help in boosting your own page ranking. 

This has been a Public SEO Awareness Announcement from your one and only Baconator Bacon Queen from Article Write Up, where we are always happy to help in all your content needs.  Now go - Eat Bacon and Prosper!    
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