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Friday, October 18, 2013


When someone is confronted about their poor actions and rather than take responsibility, finds the need to deflect their responsibility repeatedly – they have not yet learned to take accountability and generally have a superiority issue.  Refusal or denial of accountability when at fault emits a false personal sense of entitlement and reveals the grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior.  In their eyes they can do no wrong.  They hold a false sense of superiority over others – to the extent where they feel others should bow to them rather than ever making a sincere apology and/or admitting any wrong doing – or - they want the issue to be simply forgotten and NEVER mentioned again.   These people seldom have any real personal friends – rather acquaintances.

People with superiority issues:

  • believe they are better than others
  • expect constant attention
  • do not show any real empathy for another but will display a false sense of empathy if there is self-attention to be gained
  • have to have everything their way – do not like to compromise and when faced to do so will simply drop out of a project, pout to get their way, or manipulate
  • expresses contempt towards other they feel are substandard
  • are jealous of others but will never admit it
  • display a strong desire to always have better than those they feel superior to
  • believe others are jealous and envious of them that is why that person(s) doesn’t like them
  • have issues maintaining healthy relationships – failure to fully connect with another individual
  • display reoccurring infidelity in relationships because they feel they are above accountability
  • easily gets their feelings hurt and have a fragile self-esteem yet appears unemotional – unconnected – that nothing bothers them if there is no self-gain
  • do not handle criticism well – will retaliate by belittling and deflecting fault to others in an attempt to validate their own self-worth.  

There is nothing you can do when dealing with individuals that display these types of behaviors.  You can only distance yourself and hope that one day they come to the realization that how they continue to behave is no longer working in their favor and seek help.  However, when faced by such behaviors do not allow their behaviors affect how you feel about yourself or react.  By allowing them to affect you gives them more power and validates their sense of superiority.  Anyone who questions or stands up to a person with superiority and/or accountability issues will find that person will avoid them in the future because they have no hold power and/or cannot manipulate you.   Never allow another to belittle or make you feel like less.  Generally those who are acting in that fashion have their own demons they are battling or need to battle. ~ Deana ~
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