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Saturday, October 19, 2013


Owning up to your actions can be a difficult thing to do. Often times one is embarrassed by their actions and rather than just face them head on will avoid the situation or displace fault. Owning up to something you did wrong doesn't mean you need swallow your pride – in fact owning up to wrong doings means you have a high integrity. It is those that will not admit to wrong doings that have little to no integrity. (Think of criminals on the run.)

Fear is another reason one doesn't want to admit to wrong doing. They worry about how they would look and how others would feel about them when in fact, those they wronged would think higher of them if they did come forward instead of denying or avoidance.

Owning up doesn't always mean you will get instant forgiveness and in some situations, depending on what the offense was, one may never get forgiveness but what you do gain is the ability to free your soul and be able to hold your head up knowing you tried to make right a wrong.

Living with guilt of a wrong doing can manifest into more serious issues. One may start trying to justify the wrong doing and/or deflecting fault on another which if done often enough can lead to a superiority complex to where one never takes accountability. It begins to distort the difference between right and wrong leaving no boundaries. It becomes comfortable to live with lies resulting in a person not only lying to others but also lying to themselves.

If you even feel you may have wronged another for whatever reason – simply take ownership and free your conscience. To have a clear conscious is far better than being weighted down unnecessarily. To accept fault is by far a stronger character trait than hiding behind denial. ~Deana~
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