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Monday, October 7, 2013

Facebook Group Messages and Push Notifications

Oy vey, oy weh!  Okay, this is going to be a bit of a rant mixed with some education and full of personal views.  The story starts here:  A friend of mine, like many, sent a group message to oh – about 60 or 70 individuals about a purse party or something along those lines the other day.  Anyhow, like most group messages I get, I immediately remove myself from the conversation just because I don’t care to be notified even if it is just on FB every time someone responds to the original message thread.  Now, of course there are always going to be that one or two in a crowd that is going to complain about being included in a group message – either their phone is blowing up or their FB is blowing up with notifications.

Okay – Rant 1: – If you don’t want your phone or FB blowing up with notifications, why do you have it turned on in the first place?
Instructions on how to shut off Facebook notifications on Facebook can be found here ----> HOW TO SHUT OFF NOTIFICATIONS.
Instructions on how to turn off Push Notifications on your mobile devise (iPhone, iPad, Smart Phone, etc. can be found here ----->  HOW TO SHUT OFF PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ON MOBILE DEVISES.

Rant 2:  If you get a group message on Facebook and you don’t want to be included in it, remove yourself from the conversation.  It is super easy and posted a picture below to show you just how easy it is.  Click on the message, then click on the drop down menu under ACTIONS (GREEN ARROW) and then click on LEAVE CONVERSATION (RED ARROW).  Easy Peasy!  :-)  

Rant 3:  Facebook is a social tool, meant to make it easy for a person to easily access and interact with one or many at one time.  When a person utilizes the ability to send a group message, they are taking advantage of all that facebook has to offer.  It is what it was created for.  Does it mean you have to buy into it?  Nope – guess what…. Facebook is free and just as you were free to join in you are also free to leave.  But if you intend on sticking around, take the time to learn the ins and outs so you don’t ever find yourself in the position of being schooled in a group message or on a timeline about how to remove yourself from a group conversation or shut off your notifications because seriously, I am tired of being nice about it.  If you can read, you can educate yourself on such things and there is no need to be downright nasty to people who take advantage of everything a social tool was designed to do.

Rant 4:  And my last rant for this blog posts anyhow – To those of you who do send Group Messages, stop being offended when people do remove themselves from the conversation!  Geesh….. some of you all act like I was breaking up with you or something!  LOL!

The end…

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