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Sunday, October 6, 2013

There’re some changes coming on…

Hello everyone!  After much thought and discussion we have decided to change up our blog format a touch for various reasons, but the main one being – after writing so many SEO articles and content for web pages, blogs and articles in other people’s voices or tones, the writers and I felt it would be a great exercise to get back in touch with our own voices.
So in that spirit there will be no rhyme or reason to our blogs.  We are personally not concerning ourselves with keywords or rankings with this and more so in keeping our creative juices flowing and getting a touch of our senses of humor back.  At one time we used to be a pretty funny group of people.

So, what will you be seeing from here on out – Well, you will be seeing rants and raves (this will be an outlet for things that annoy us or just a place to vent when frustrated) you will be seeing poems, short stories possibly, contest, reviews, writing prompts, challenges, jokes, pictures, recipes we have tried out, and possibly giveaways again – a potpourri of various forms of the written word and stuff just for FUN!  Yes, we need to recapture the FUN we had in writing.

So our hopes is that you embrace our change in direction and enjoy getting to know the writers aboard AWU crazy train a little better through their own words in their own voice.  But have no fear, we are still happy to serve you and all your content writing needs.  Just give us a shout and we will be there.
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