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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The 9 Lessons of Life Learned Building a Fire

I am thankful for life's lesson I found in making a fire in the fireplace...

Lesson 1. Organize a foundation preferably with hard fruity wood (strength & fun)

Lesson 2.  Infuse with kindling add a cinnamon pine cone ( for a little spice)

Lesson 3.  Add newspaper ( knowledge) 

Lesson 4.  Ignite with flame (energy)

Lesson 5.  Watch for the flame to grow and the wood to catch the blaze (patience)

Lesson 6.  Tend as needed careful not to let it burn too fast or too slow (manage time)

Lesson 7.  Feel the warmth of the flame and embers providing heat (satisfaction)

Lesson 8.  Ensure when fire goes out that the embers are cold  and clean the ashes (completion)

Lesson 9.  Repeat as needed to ensure a warm, happy experience (LIFE)
~Kim D Heye~ 
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