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Friday, February 14, 2014

Top Three Tips for Successful Content Marketing

If you’re like a lot of us, you've probably been curious as to how to create a successful marketing campaign.  With so much information out there, it can become a little overwhelming as to which approach will work best for your particular niche; to make it easier to understand, I have narrowed it all down to three simple steps you can take to ensure your content marketing efforts are successful.
2014 is the year to start making changes to the way that you approach the confusing world of content marketing.  As business owners, it is important that we start to view our customers as a means of innovation, research, and sales.  We also need to start creating targeted communities that allow us to become more social and interactive with our customers.  If we can pull this off, we will likely experience more success with this technique than we did with any other.  To help you prepare for these changes, I have put together what I believe are some helpful tips.

  • Include Your Customers – Your current customers can be a valuable source of information that can be used to help you create better content for your site.  To tap into the mind of your customer can be a little scary, but if done right you will be rewarded with free input on what they would like to see on your site.  One of the best ways to do this is to ask for their input on new products or projects that you are currently working on.  You may discover that what you thought your customers were looking for is not even close to what they actually want or need.
  • Focus On Your Niche – In the world of social media and online business, we often begin to lose sight of our ideal niche market.  In order for your content marketing plan to work, you have to remain focused on your niche audience.  After all, they’re the ones who helped you reach the level where you currently are, if you want to go any further you need to cater to their needs and not try to please everyone else.  If you haven’t found your niche audience, that is the where you need to start.  Once you are able to target your content marketing efforts to the right audience you may be surprised at how popular you become.
  • Don’t Hide Your Emotions – If you want your content to be shared online, it needs to include some type of emotion that draws the reader in and compels them to hit the share button.  If you take the time to write something that is not only helpful but hits the reader emotionally, you will soon begin to see your content being shared on numerous social media sites.  This is what you want, the more people that have access to your content the more customers you will drive to your website.  The potential is there, you just have to find out which emotions your readers will relate to and what can move them enough to share your content.
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