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Friday, April 25, 2014

How You Can Stop Content Thieves

Are you tired of seeing content that you have spent hours researching and writing on sites that aren't yours?  If so, you’re like many of the people who write content on a regular basis.  Plagiarism has been taking place online since people started publishing their own content.  Whether this content is on their own blogs or on the page content of their website, there are always going to be people who would rather take the easy route and use someone else’s content rather than take the time to create their own.  To help you protect the content that you have worked so hard on, I have put together some helpful tips.

  • Google Alerts – Whenever you publish a new blog post, you may want to create a new Google Alerts which will notify you when the title of your blog has been published online by someone other than yourself.  You can also request to be alerted if any specific portion or sentence of your blog should show up on someone else’s site.  It is fairly easy to create a Google Alert and the fact that they are free makes them all the more appealing for all content creators.
  • Utilize Google Authorship – One of the benefits of using Google Authorship, aside from having your content featured next to an image of your choice, is that Google can be assured as to who the original writer of the content actually is.  There are many time consuming ways in which you can monitor the Internet for content that may have been stolen from you, however, if you don’t have hours to spend conducting searches you may want to begin using Google Authorship.
  • Include Links – Any experienced blogger understands the importance of including links in their blog posts.  This is not only beneficial for your readers and search engines, but it also means that anyone who does steal your content also takes your links with them.  While this may be somewhat beneficial in making your blog more visible, it is not something that you really want to have happen.  To keep track of which content and how many times it has been copied from your site, you may want to consider installing Tynt.  This is a small piece of code that you can install on your website which will show you which content has been stolen and how often your content has been stolen. 
  • Backlinks – If you use WordPress to publish your blog, you should definitely look into Trackbacks.  When you install this tool, you will then be notified every time someone links to your content.  If you setup the RSS link to your previously published blogs, you will also be notified each time someone links to them as well. 

While these are only a few of the online tools available for you to use, it is recommended that you begin utilizing some type of protection to protect your content from thieves.  It’s your content and you have spent too much time writing it to allow someone else to be credited for the hard work.

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