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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What You Shouldn’t Do When Writing a Press Release

Press releases are an important part of any successful online marketing campaign.  They have the potential to reach multiple audiences who may not be aware of you and when properly optimized, they can drive traffic to your website.  But when they are done in the wrong way, all of the benefits that they have to offer are gone.  To help you harness the power that press releases have to offer, I have listed what you shouldn’t do when writing a press release.

The first thing that you should avoid is stuffing your press release with keywords.  When properly used SEO can be a powerful tool, but if you use too much of it the benefits disappear.  Carefully chosen and properly placed keywords can give your website the online visibility it needs.  In order for your press release to be as effective as possible, your keywords need to be included in your content so that they make sense.  If your press release is hard to follow or doesn’t make sense, the odds of it getting read are slim to none. 

When you include keywords in your press release, you may want to use a keyword research tool.  This tool is designed to help you find out which keywords and keyword phrases are searched the most.  When you are armed with these keywords, you can then work them into your content and optimize your press release.  It is also important that your primary keyword be included in your headline, secondary headline and first paragraph.  This will help search engines find your content and present it online searchers. 

When you write your press release it is important that you not get carried away.  It is recommended that your press release be between 300 – 500 words.  The attention span of your readers is short, you have a small amount of time to grab their attention and make them want to read through your entire press release.  They’re not interested in reading pages of content, they want you to get to the point and provide them with the information they are interested in.  It is also highly recommended that your paragraph be between three and four sentences.  Any more than that and the reader may become bored and move on.  Press releases are more effective when they are short and to the point.

Next, you do not want to forget who you are writing your press release for; your customers.  If you write content that is relevant to their interests and needs, you are likely to have your press release shared, and that is what you want.  It is also important that you write your press release in such a way that it can easily be understood and followed by your reader.  Now is not the time to try and impress readers with your large vocabulary. 

If you can follow these guidelines, you should be able to create a press release that your customers and search engines will take note of.  Press releases are a critical part of a successful online marketing plan, and as much as you may dread writing them, they should be done regularly.

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