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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blog Hop with an Alexa Twist!

Hi everyone!  While strolling through blogsphere a couple evenings ago, I came across a awesome blog (well many but one in particular really stood out) The Aubut Family Blog.  The reason this blog stood out so prevalent was because she (Cassandra) taught me something new.  I have always been aware of Alexa Rankings, that was nothing new, BUT I honestly was unaware of the Alexa Toolbar!  Yes, I said it... Deana did not know squat about the Alexa toolbar.  Now mind you, it's not like I haven't visited Alexa.com numerous times, but I guess the entire toolbar concept was lost on me.  More than likely the first time I saw it I thought - "Just what you need Deana ~ Another toolbar to slow down your already slow as molasses computer down even more!" and totally disregarded it.  Had I known the great value there is in this simple to download and install toolbar, I would have been an Alexa reviewing addict many many moons ago.  But I have seen the light thanks to Cassandra!  So seriously... all credit goes to this woman who has taught an old dog a new trick!

You can read her full blog about how to get started on Alexa here. ~ Alexa Drop Hop

In keeping with Cassandra's awesomeness I am opening up this to all who would like to partake in a blog hop.  This will not be a typical blog hop however ~ This one will be a blog hop to connect with fellow bloggers through the follow features, Google Friend Connect, Networked Blogs, Or Google+ Circles.  Which ever way you want to connect, but a follow in one of those fashions is mandatory. 

In addition, you are required to follow The Aubut Family on Twitter here ~ http://twitter.com/#!/tally2525
and Article Write Up on Twitter here ~ http://twitter.com/#!/articlewriteup

Lastly, it would be awesome if you visited Cassandra's blog ~ Alexa Drop Hop and learn how to download and install the Alexa Toolbar so you can even help yourself and others in improving your Alexa Rankings.. :-)  

Ideally, it would be great if while you are joining in on the Blog Hop with an Alexa Twist that you would leave a Alexa Review for those blogs you visit.  It is not mandatory, but I can tell you this, those that you do visit and leave a review for will appreciate you greatly.

After following Aubut Family and AWU on twitter to participate in the Blog Hop with an Alexa Twist click on the InLinkz and add your blog.  :-)  Then start hopping.  Check back often for new additions.  Bloggers will be able to enter until  December 12, 2011, 10:48 am.  :-)

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