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Friday, December 9, 2011

Loading... Loading.... Loading.... ZZZZ.... Click...

I am keeping this blog short, sweet and straight to the point!  If I have said this once to clients, I think I have said it a half a million times...  Lay off the flash graphic, excessive videos, and 50 billion pictures on your business landing pages!

If a person happens to click to your site with interest, if your page takes too long to load, guess what, they are going to leave and look elsewhere!  Nothing is more irritating then landing on a page that takes forever to load.  It does not build suspense folks.  This is not a horror movie waiting for the big scare (although I have seen some sites that remind me of a massacre).  You are trying to run a business, and as important as time management is to you, it is to your consumers.

Keep your landing pages rich in quality content.  Remember everyone time is valuable so keep your main points to the top of your page.  People want to know what you have to offer, why you are better than your competition, and what it is going to cost them.  They don’t care about how tech savvy you are unless you are selling flash graphics and the likes.

I know everyone has landed on a slow loading page in their Internet using history.  What are some of the worse things that slow your computer down when trying to view a webpage other than dial-up internet. ;-)        
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