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Sunday, December 4, 2011

You can comment any day now....

Okay, I am not delusional and think that everyone is going to be running to this blog to comment about writing tips and marketing tips.  It definitely is not everyone’s cup of tea and some could honestly care less.  I’m not mad at them.  I totally get it.  But when we do get comments on our blogs, we do appreciate it.  You can learn a lot about your readers through their reaction to your post through their comments.

Comments are your inside view of what your target market is or if you are even reaching your target market.  If you are sitting with a lot of blogs that have no comments on it, one of two things are happening - you are either not reaching your target market or your writing is not enticing anyone to comment.  Either way, this is not utilizing your time and efforts in internet marketing the way you need it to increase conversion if you have a business blog.

Now, do not get me wrong.  Not all your writing has fell into the abyss.  If you wrote using adequate keywords and you used hyperlinks generously to not only your website but other off sites, the search engines are reading your blogs. :-)

So why do most bloggers ask people to respond with their thoughts or any questions at the end of their blogs?  Well, they do this for the reason I mentioned above (getting an inside view of their readers), but also comments help build traffic, traffic helps to build blog rankings, and blog rankings help to build conversion.  What many business blog owners do not realize is that by leaving comments on other bloggers blogs also helps them in rankings and with crawl engines.  So when a blogger ask a question for feedback or even merely implies they would like a response from the reader, leave a comment.  It doesn’t have to be a book,- just a thoughtful comment would be nice. (Note this blogs title ;-)

In closing though, before you all go off on a comment frenzy let me speak my mind on just a couple comment points.  Unless you have something great going on over on your blog, don’t get crazy with dropping your link everywhere.  In addition, actually read the bloggers blog.  Don’t just leave some spammy comment.  (So very rude and more than likely if the blogger monitors their comments, it will get deleted or worse yet, marked as spam which does not look good on you.)  Make sure if a blog leaves you the opportunity to include a link back to your blog or to your website, utilize that.  Yes, take that whole 15 seconds and type out that link!  (Again, that will help you with the crawl bots.)

Okay.. So why am I telling you this, well - for one - everyone likes to be acknowledge fo rthe time they put into their blogs regardless if it is business related and when they fall into the abyss many bloggers give up thinking it is fruitless.  It isn’t, honest, but I agree, it is nicer when your blogs are being acknowledge.  So, without further ado - You can comment any day now... :-)
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