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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Boy's take on Spaghetti Hot Dogs! {Kid Friendly Recipe}

On a stroll through some blogs off a list of blogs Sadie from Randomosity was kind enough to get going (make sure to jump on there) I came across the Aubut Family blog where I came across this recipe: Spaghetti Hot Dogs! {Kid Friendly Recipe}: where she came across this recipe here: IronShay | Spaghetti Hot Dog:

At first I was like.. hmmm.. cool fun idea for the kids to get involved in... but was not so sure how I would like it as a meal for myself being a savory person loving some hard core meat and potatoes, but we decided to give it a try.

The boys actually did the majority of it short of boiling the water and pulling the completed dogs back out..

The boys are busy building their "robots"!

 Andrew showing off his creation.
 Billy hard at work!
 Almost ready for their boiling bath!
 In they go!

 All in!
 They are done!
We decided they needed a little something more than just plain hot dogs and noodles so we topped them with spaghetti sauce.  

They boys final thoughts... Delicious!!!  Mom.. still looking around the kitchen for a roast or a BLT! 
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