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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How You Can Boost Your Business Using Social Media

Social media offers business owners the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers.  With so many different social media websites available, the potential to attract customers has increased dramatically.  If you feel that you are not getting as much out of your social media posts as you had imagined, I have listed some ways in which you boost your online business.

  • Know What’s Trending – Posting information that is both relevant and current to your particular business niche is a great way to ensure that your posts are read.  There are many online tools available for you to use to see what is trending on social media.  Using one of these online tools will help you choose keywords to use in your posts which will help your posts get noticed by your target audience.  Posting content related to what is currently trending is a great way to get attention and perhaps attract some new followers and customers.
  • Images – Whenever you can include an image with your post you should do so.  Social media users are drawn to content that includes images or infographics.  They are also a great way to increase engagement on your posts.  If you’re looking for a way to get your posts to stand out on newsfeeds, images are the perfect choice.  When using images in your posts, it is also highly recommended that you include a creative call to action.  This is a great way to increase lead generation, which can then result in more sales.
  • Expand Your Base – If you’re looking for new followers and more likes on your posts, one of the best ways to accomplish this is by expanding your base.  One of the fastest ways to increase your Facebook fans is to direct message the link to your page to all of your Twitter followers.  This can be done across all of your social media accounts and can help you gain the exposure that your business needs.  You also have the option of paying for ads on Facebook and Twitter, but that decision is up to you.  In some cases the likes you receive off of these ads may be from people who are not generally interested in your business.

Using social media as part of your marketing campaign is a great way to increase your online visibility.  It can be somewhat of a daunting task, but when you figure out the best approach for your business, it will become easier.  To ensure that your posts are reaching the right people, you should also determine who your target audience is.  Once you do this, your marketing efforts will reach the people who are most likely to turn into customers.

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